Introduction of the Company

Persian Lotus tour & travel company has come into tourism industry with an legitimate aim of distinctive services.

1. VIP tours
Persian Lotus tour & travel company believes that our clients deserve the best travel services. We are putting our most efforts to have you enjoy the convenience of your trip to Iran and make it the most memorable travel of yours. We provide you with the best quality services in terms of hotels, eco-lodges, transportation and professional tour guides. Family tours are considered as one of the major services given by Persian Lotus tour & travel company to provide families with exclusive services.

2. Health tourism and IPD -International Patient Department
Due to the medical expertise of the esteemed board of directors of company, we have focused on health tourism. Based on the advent of standards and global regulations which are run in different parts of the world, people are looking for the highest quality treatment with low and competitive costs. Hence, we provide you with all services to smooth the process of travelling to Iran for medical purpose. The services including visa, transportation, accommodation, hospital, specialized tour guide is given with quality, accuracy and the maximum care. Erfan hospital and Erfan niayesh grand hospital are among the best private hospitals in the country we work with to provide a wide range of medical facilities with the highest standards. We offer a wide range of specialty services to all kinds of patients including outpatients, inpatients and emergency patients.

3. Investment in restoration and rehabilitation of historical structures to construct traditional hotels
Restoration and rehabilitation of historical monuments and buildings is the other area of specialty managed by Persian Lotus tour & travel company. Based on the previous experience of buildings restoration for more than a decade by some board members, the company has concentrated its efforts on building some accommodation centers. Finding and identifying some potential old buildings to restoring, reconstructing or rehabilitating leading to a traditional hotel consistent with law and bureaucracy is of major initiative of Persian Lotus tour & travel company.

4. Incoming tours to Iran and outgoing tours from Iran
It is our honor to have the most professional tour operators and tour guides as the leading staff of the company focusing on tourism. We do arrange a well-organized trip to Iran in terms of getting visa & authorization code, accommodation, transportation and a professional tour guide for our clients and applicants from all over the world. We can provide you with the best itineraries and tour packages in terms of cultural, historical, medical and eco tours. Moreover, we do suggest experiencing some optional tours arranged by the company to explore and see some resorts and tourist destinations in Iran following the end of our clients’ medical treatment period in Iran.
We do tour some international tourist destinations across the world for our clients in Iran. India, Turkey, China, Russia, Oman, the UAE, Georgia, Armenia, Europe and Latin America.


Team of the Company

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