Lipomatic is one of the options for people who are looking to lose excess fat through medical methods. It is a very safe surgery and is done quite often , results have been so astonishing and left so little behind that it is not uncommon for even close ones to the patient to not notice anything out of the ordinary other then the expected result.
Lipomatic can help with the following areas:

Now off to how is the surgery done , a small ingestion is made on the target area and a small tube is inserted in which dose most of work of reshaping the fat cells or removing if needed. The people most eligible for this particular medical procedure are the ones with good skin elasticity which dose help quite a lot in the recovery and so it is possible and likely that some patients op for a surgery like a tummy tuck right after to reshape the body in the targeted way. It is good to know that this surgery is a among the plastic surgery category so is not needed but wanted so if you are to pick this surgery be sure of it. It is in no way a replacement to the traditional and healthiest way of weight lost such as, health diet, working out , better sleep and so on it is only if all else fails that we think it would be suitable for you to do opt so.
The reasons however to pick this surgery is Lipomatic surgery is safe The patient does not feel any pain (Or very little pain if at all ), Quick recovery time it is a good option for people looking for a short get back to work type recovery , The surgery does not leave any remarkable scars which to many might be a important note however it can. The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia depends on the patient needs and doctors advise.


No surgery comes without any risk and so these are some of the risks but not all of this particular surgery.

• Reaction to anesthesia
• Permanent changes in the color of your skin
• Infection
• Bleeding
• scaring

however it is considered a very safe medical procedure as most of medical procedures have common risk , reaction to anesthesia for one is not related at all to the procedure but other aspects of the cafe , infection and bleeding are also quite the routine risks of any medical surgery however permeant change in the color of your skin is one of the chief risks of this medical surgery so do get and listen to risk assessment of your doctor.

What to do before this surgery

It is quite important that you follow these basic instructions

1. it is important that you inform your doctor of all current medical conditions or any medical conditions that you may have had to go through or are going through in your life or at least recent history. Why is this important? It is important because some cases might make you unsuitable for this surgery, as in it would be recommended that you not opt for it or rather advised that you don’t.

2. It is very important that you prepare a full list and carry with you to your doctor of all the medications you might be on or have had in the recent history as it might interfere with your surgery and multiply your risks. Why? Remember it is never a good idea to keep things from you doctor as his risk assessment or any advise can be complicated if he is miss informed and there is very little that can be done after
so for him or her to be able to do their job well and successfully along with you having least amount of risk going in the surgery make sure to have a proper and through. Don’t judge yourself what is needed to be mentioned and what is not , write down even the counter top medicines you might be taking for any reason what so ever.

3. Be sure of your intention for this Sure and have a clear reason. As with any surgery it is important to have a good reason and specially for plastic surgeries for you to be sure that you are willing to live with if the worse happens and other then every thing else you must be sure the benefits out weigh the risks for you for no body can judge that as better as you can.

The recovery time

It is expected for you to have a basic recovery in 4-6 days and full recovery in 14 days. however this numbers might vary depending on your personal and specific case and so if you are to make any plans after make sure to consult and confirm with your medical professional.

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