Since ancient times, Mehrgan or Mithra Festival ((Jashan-e Mehr) has been one of the greatest celebrations of ancient Iran held on Mehr day of Mehr month. After Nowruz, Mehrgan has been the greatest celebration of ancient Iranians. It was believed that Ahura Mazda created the ruby in Nowruz and topaz in Mehrgan. Farmers celebrated this day as a sign of harvest gratitude. On the other hand, Iranians have believed that on this day, Kaveh Ahangar (also called Kaveh the Blacksmith) raised against Zahak, and Fereydun sat on the royal throne with justice.
On the auspicious day of Mehr month. He placed that royal crown on his head (The Great Ferdowsi) Mehr and Mitra in Persian mean brightness, friendship, connection and affection. Moreover, (gan) affix means celebration. The philosophy of Mehrgan’s celebration is being grateful to God for the blessings granted to human, and to stabilize friendships and devotion among human beings.
Mehrgan Hospital symbol is affected by this philosophy. This symbol only consisted of seven circles. Number “seven” is assumed to be a sacred number in mythology, and on the other hand, it is the seventh month of the year. The symbol displays individuals who go happily hand in hand and celebrate focusing on the shining yellow Mehr in the center and praise the only creator for his grace and kindness. The blue color is the symbol of reason and knowledge. In ancient Greece, physicians wore robes with blue binding which was the symbol of this group. Therefore, the individuals’ body in the symbol is designed in blue color to convey the message that doctors of this therapeutic collection seek to put hand in hand with the aid of the unique God and save the life of the patients, which is scared as the Essence of Allah via the connection of affection and science.
The day of Mehr and month of Mehr and the graceful celebration of Mehrgan O thou the kind and beautiful darling increase your kindness (Masoud Sa’d Salman) Mehregan is equipped with the state of the art tech meant to help the staff deliver to you the best results possible with the most affordable prices.
With these partners we aspire to deliver the best of Iran to our Clients from all around the world , from proving time and time again that we can help them get their visas faster then the status quo with to the best hotels or the most budget friendly ones being constant contact to make sure people who travel with us to get their best bang for their buck.
Even if you want to travel this country after your treatment , don’t worry we have you covred from plans for every possible outcome to ensure you travel gose as smooth as possible to being in constant call with your medical profesttional to make sure your travel as good as it can be and as safe as it can be.

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