Relax smile is one of the least invasive eye surges of all, it is also one of the most advanced ones done out there, in this surgery two small cuts are made to remove the damaged organ reshape it and put it right back in.

So, what is it?
In this surgery two cuts are created in your eye each at the depth of 110 to 130 microns, these two cuts from what ends up being a lens like tissues which is called the lenticule within the cornea, which is removed, reshaped and put it back in. It helps with myopia and astigmatism

It is advised by medical professionals that people who fall under the following criteria not opt for this surgery
• People with hyperopia (farsightedness)
• Pregnant women
• Patients with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, severe glaucoma, herpes simplex infection, or severe and uncontrolled diabetes

What do you have to do to prepare?
1. Prepare a list of your allergies
2. prepare a list of your previous eye surgeries
3. prepare a list of your medications that you are currently on
4. 2-3 days before surgery make sure to use no make up
5. 2-3 days before surgery make sure use no eye lenses if your lenses are for eye sight and not for cosmetic reasons do use a pair of glasses
6. Make sure to wash your eyes and keep them hydrated with eye drops regularly the day before the surgery

Recovery time is short as you may be able to go back to normal in 6 weeks but for total 6-8 months before going for driving as for some cases it may even take longer to heal completely.

What to do after the surgery?
1. No boxing, no football nothing that will hurt your eyes even in the slightest way for at least 3 months
2. Visiting an eye doctor on a regular interval to make sure everything is okay
3. First visit should be after 24hrs of the surgery
4. Avoid rubbing or itching your eyes quite seriously for the first week after your surgery
5. Avoid using make up for 2 months
6. Avoid using contact or beauty lenses for at least 4 months

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Noor eye hospital

Tehran, Iran
$ 2200 1200 per eye
  • Full package service

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