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Iran western tour

22-Day trip

This tour is perfect for those who want a deeper look at Persian historical and natural attractions on the west and nort-west of the country. It’s also very interesting for those who have already traveled to Iran once on the classic route.

Tour type

Cultural & Historical

Difficulty level

Easy, suitable for everyone

Group size

Min 1 - Max 15

Services included:


The company is responsible to handle the process of receiving visa to travel to Iran. All you need to do is to submit your request. We will proceed the paperwork and contact you for further information and guidelines.


There are a wide range of options for accommodation in Iran. Beginning with hotels of all kind continued with guest houses, local traditional houses etc. The reservation and coordination of your accommodation will be managed by the company based on your preference.


The transportaion service of the tour is available in different ways based on the number and the need of travelers. A VIP bus, a Van, a sedan or a 4WD car are available to provide the most comfortable transfer experience.

Tour leader

The tour has the privileges of having a professional tourist leader and guide during the trip. She or he will inform you the stories of history and culture of Iran. We will provide you a guide in your preferred language as much as possible. If it won't be available, an English-speaking guide will host you.


The tour includes two meals each day. The company and the guide will make sure that you can try the highest quality of Persian foods.

Drinks & snacks

Drinks and snacks are also included in the tour. You can enjoy snacks, fruits, coffee and water between the meals.

Entrance fees

The company will pay the entrance fees of all the sites mentioned in the itinerary.


Internet service will be provided through cellular or WIFI.


The company is responsible to handle the legal process and the permits of tour operation.


Insurance is a part of company service. It will be with the highest coverage possible.

Services not included:

Visa fees

Visa fees are due to be paid by visitor(s).

International flights

The international flights are not included in the price of the tour. The price for international flights will be arranged and should be paid separately.

Detailed itinerary:

City tour of Tehran as the capital of Iran since 1786. Heading to the downtown to walk in the grand bazaar of Tehran and visit the royal Qajar “Golestan palace”. Visiting “the national museum” for the next stop then having lunch at a very old and nostalgic res. Nearby. Later on, visit “the museum of national jewels” where you are amazed with a variety of royal old jewels. Finally Heading back to the hotel. Dinner time would be at a traditional res.

On the second day of Tehran city tour, going into the north of Tehran to visit Tajrish, an old part of Tehran in which used to be a picturesque country side for Tehranians which is famous for its bazaar and square. Leaving there to “the Saadabad palaces complex”. Having the lunch at a res. nearby and driving to “the Milad tower” as the sixth telecommunication tower in the word and spend your dinner time at the food court of tower. Going back to the hotel.

Check out at 7:30 and driving to Qazvin for roughly a distance of 153 KM which takes two hours.
The city tour gets started at 10:00 by visiting “the Chehel-Sotun Palace” (calligraphy museum) which would take about 45 minutes. Visiting “the Sepah Street” (The first modern street in Iran) and the great Jameh Mosque will be the next stops.
At about 11:30 heading to “the Sa’ad Al- Saltane Caravanserai” as the largest covered internal trading center of Iran. Visiting “the Qajar Bathhouse” will be the other site to see before lunch. Having Lunch at about 13:20 in the Nemooneh Restaurant. After lunch going to “the Hoesseynieh of Aminiha” to see at about 14:30 which will take about an hour and afterwards at about 15:30 driving to Zanjan to check in at the hotel.

Leaving hotel to “the Soltaniye royal citadel” -the major historical site in Zanjan- which was constructed during the reign of Soltan Mohammad Khoda Bandeh (Muhammad Khodabandeh, Oljaito) in the years 704-712 AH. “The Chalabioghlou mausoleum” as an Ilkhanid monument of 13th century will be the next site to see which is located 500 meters to the southwest of “Dome of Soltaniye”. Having lunch in a restaurant in Zanjan.

“The 20th century historical Edifice of Rakhtshooy Khaneh” and “the traditional bazaar of Zajan” will be the last stops to see after lunch. Heading to the hotel to rest and have dinner at the hotel.

After having breakfast and checking out, driving to “Salt men museum” to visit. Drive to Rasht which will take about four hours. Lunch will be on the way to Rasht. Enjoy visiting the coastline of Caspian Sea and the Lagoon. Go the hotel to check in.

“Reza Shah’s palace” as a military museum is the first attraction to see after breakfast. Leave Rasht to Masulel which takes about two hours. Enjoy the day wandering the village of Masuleh located in a green and picturesque mountain.

After check out at 8, leave Masuleh to Ardabil which takes roughly four hours. Visit Sheikh Safi al-Din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble. Later on have the lunch in a restaurant nearby and see the Jame mosque of Ardabil. Go to the hotel to check in and rest.

After checking out at 8:00 drive to Tabriz about three hours and half. Starting the tour in Tabriz by visiting “the Constitution house”, where in constitutional revolution was used as a gathering place for leaders and activists. There we hear about the Persian constitutional revolution, which was the base of establishment of Pahlavi dynasty and took place in 1905- 1911. Tabriz bazaar was once one of the most famous trade markets from ancient times. Even before Safavid era, when Tabriz was selected as capital the Tabriz bazaar was a commercial center due to its location on silk road and being the spot where eastern and western merchants used to meet. The great bazaar of Tabriz is still an attractive traditional market which is known as the greatest covered brick construction in the world! Have lunch in a great restaurant near Grand Bazaar of Tabriz, called Ghorani restaurant. If you are a fan of Turkish Kebab, Haj Ali Kebab restaurant inside Tabriz bazaar can be a great choice as well. Keep walking in Tabriz streets, passing from Saat square and Municipality Palace toward Azerbaijan museum in Tabriz. After Iran National museum in Tehran, the largest collection of historical objects is found in Azerbaijan museum. Through a small park we’ll get to Blue mosque, also known as Goy mosque, Masjed-e Kaboud and the turquoise of Islam. This scenic mosque was built in 1745 in Kara Koyunlu time and is mostly famed for its beautiful blue tiles and tile- calligraphy arts. 300 years after blue mosque construction, an earthquake damaged a huge part of it and later in 1973 it was reconstructed by one of the best architectures of the time. In the evening visiting El-Goli mansion, the only palace-lake of Iran. Elgoli mansion used to be one-floored mud-brick structure constructed in Kara koyunlu area and it was basically a place to store water for agricultural fields around the lake. Delestan restaurant, Barcod café and restaurant, Laleh park food court are highly recommended restaurants in Tabriz city. Transfer to Hotel after dinner.

Just around sunrise we’ll start our amazing day tour to Julfa. Driving to monastery of St. Stephanos, which was the second cathedral that was constructed in Iran. St. Stephanos monastery locates in North West of Aras River for the Armenians who were settled in Azerbaijan area. For its elegant carving of the stones in St. Stephanos church and being a gathering spot for Armenian –Christians, it is recommended to be visit. After passing through the Aras river strand we’ll arrive in the Julfa Iron Bridge to hear about the story of three soldiers, scarifying their lives through the Second World War (Optional).

At lunch time we’ll have a barbeque in Zonouz stepped village, with Duyjan nomads or at the wonderful spot near Wrecked Mill waterfall.

Accommodation in Tabriz

Breakfast at hotel then drive toward south of Tabriz in Sahand area. Passing through Oskou region and visiting Hileh var historical village. Hile var underground city locates between Tabriz and Kandovan and it’s famous for being hidden from passengers view. After Hilevar underground village, we’ll checj in athe hotel of Laleh in Kandovan and later on having a walk in Kandovan handmade cliff dwelling village which is very similar to Cappadocia in Turkey but more local and homelike. Going back to the hotel to rest and sleep overnight.

Leave Kndovan to at 8. A two hour and half drive to Urumia. Visiting Urmia historical bazaar and Jame mosque. Visit 3-ghonbad monument (3 dome monument) & shopping of urmia’s special sweets. Saint Mary, Assyrian church and Archaeology museum will be the other attractions to see. After having lunch in a restaurant visit Anthropology museum, Hedayat school & minaret mosque and Mar sarkis Assyrian church. In the evening going to the hotel; to check in and stay overnight.

After checking out at 8:30 drive to Takab to see Takht-e Soleyman -a UNESCO site which was built in Sassanid dynasty-. Have lunch in a restaurant in Takab and keep driving to Hamedan which takes about five hours. Check in at the hotel and sleep overnight.

After having breakfast, visiting Avicenna mausoleum, Imam square, Ester tomb, old Bazaar, Hegmataneh (Site of an ancient
city, with archaeological ruins, a museum and two churches). After lunch time visiting the Stone Lion, Alaviyan Dome, Ganjnameh Waterfall and Achaemenid Inscriptions. Going back to the hotel.

Drive to Kermanshah. En route, at Kangavar, visit the ancient temple of Anahita. Before Kermanshah, visit Kurd nomads (if in proper season). Afterwards vsit Bisotun reliefs, inscriptions, caravanserai and Taq-e-Bostan –the Sassanian reliefs. Heading to the hotel to check in.

After having breakfast and checking out leave Kermanshah to Ahvaz which is a long drive of roughly six hours and half. Have lunch in a restaurant on the way to Ahvaz and pay a visit to Chogha Zanbil -one the important UNESCO site of iran in Shushtar-. Going to the Ahvaz and check in at the hotel.

After breakfast at 8:00 leave Ahvaz to Shushtar to see Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System which is a UNESCO site dating back to Sassanian era. Afterwards drive to Isfahan which takes about 8 hours. Lunch is in a restaurant on the way to Isfahan. Going directly to the hotel and check in.

Isfahan is The significant capital of Iran in Safavid era in the late of 16th century. Walking tour gets started at 9. “Hasht Behesht palace” is the first historical monument to see. Wandering around the bazaar of arts and a beautiful park to reach “the Chelel Sotoun palace”, a pavilion in the middle of a park at the far end of a long pool, in Isfahan, Iran, built by Shah Abbas II to be used for his entertainment and receptions. Carry on walking to “the Naqsh-e-Jahan square”, second biggest square in the world dates back to 17th century. Having lunch at a res. in this square and visit “Imam mosque”, the most historical stunning mosque of Iran with a unique architectural specific. “Sheikh Lotfollah mosque” is the next magnificent mosque in this square to see. “Ali Qapu” is the royal palace of Shah Abbas I to see with the six floors as the biggest Safavid palace in Isfahan. Walking alongside the square “the Imperial bazaar”. Going back to the hotel to relax. Dinner time at the res. of Abbasi hotel which was built as a caravansary at the time Sultan Hossein of Savafid.

At the begging of the city tour drive to the “Julfa” a historical district for the Armenians community of Isfahan. Walking to the cathedral of this district called “the Vank cathedral” which is the most beautiful and magnificent church in Iran. It is a master piece of architecture. Walking to the square of this district and leave there to “the Monar Jonban” (Shaking Minarets), a monument of 14th century to cover the grave of Amu Abdollah Soqla. Its notable feature is that if one of the minarets is shaken, the other minaret will shake as well. The next stop is in a traditional res. in Isfahan for lunch time. “The Jameh mosque of Isfahan” is the last site to see which is the result of continual reconstruction, additions and renovations on the site from around 771 to the end of the 20th century. Going back to the hotel. Dinner time would be at 20 in a very old and nostalgic res. in Isfahan or in an Arminian family house to spend a typical party.

Departure time at 9 to head to the tomb of Cyrus the great where is known as “Pasargadae”, the first capital of the Achaemenid Empire lies in ruins some miles away from Persepolis. Having lunch in a res. nearby and leaving there to Shiraz. Heading directly to the hotel to check in. dinner time is at 20 in a res. in Shiraz.

The city tour gets started at 9. Heading to the city center to see the beautiful “mosque of Nasir-ol-Molk” known as “Pink mosque”, a Qajar structure. “Narenjestan garden” where was the house of Qavam family who were famous merchants from Zandiye to Pahlavi dynasty. Walking to the entrance of bazaar of Shiraz to wander through the main corridor. Having luch at a traditional res. in bazaar. Leaving there to “the Eram garden”, among the most beautiful gardens of Shiraz. Heading back to the hotel to relax. Dinner time is at 20 in a res. in Shiraz.

Leaving hotel at 9 to Marvdasht to visit “Persepolis”, the incredible complex of Achaemenid dynasty as the greatest empire of the world about 2500 years ago. Having lunch in a res. near Persepolis and carry on visiting the ancient necropolis of “Naqsh-e-Rostam” and the archeological site of “Naqsh-e-Rajab”. Heading back to Shiraz to see “the tomb of Saadi”, dedicated to the 13th century Persian poet. The last attraction to see is “the tomb of Hafez”, a memorial structure of the 14th century Persian mystic poet. Dinner time is at 20 in a res. in Shiraz as the last gathering of a meal in Iran.


Route information

The tour starts from Tehran, the capital city of Iran as the flight lands in Imam Khomeini international airport. After leaving Tehran you will head to south to Kashan, a city of Isfahan in central Iran. Then you leave Kashan for Isfahan city. Then you will leave Isfahan to go to Naein, Meybod and Yazd city in Yazd province in central Iran. Kerman will be you next destination. It is the biggest province in southeast of Iran. After Kerman you will leave to Fars province in southwest of Iran to visit Shiraz city.  The tour ends in Shiraz.


for up to 3 travelers
per person
  • Sedan or SUV car
  • 5 and 4 star hotels


for up to 3 travelers
per person
  • Sedan or SUV car
  • traditional houses / Guest houses

Small group

for up to 6 travelers
per person
  • Tourist Van
  • 5 and 4 for star hotels

Small group

for up to 6 travelers
per person
  • Tourist Van
  • traditional houses / Guest houses

Large group

for up to 15 travelers
per person
  • VIP Bus
  • 5 and 4 for star hotels

Large group

for up to 15 travelers
per person
  • VIP Bus
  • traditional houses / Guest houses

Important notes & FAQ

What happens if the tour is not full?

As the tour is executed on regular basis there is a low risk that a tour won’t be full. This tour is guaranteed to execute with at least two travelers. Although if it happens, we will contact you to provide some option to choose from. The first is to change the date of you travel to join another group. The second is to join another plan at a different price and the Third will be full refund of the paid fees. Any alternative solutions will be arranged.

How does booking process work?

As Iran is under sanctions and it is not connected to International Banking systems, therefore usual credit cards like PayPal or Visa card won’t work in Iran. As the result the visitors always have to considers alternative ways. But these solutions are different depending on the country the travelers are coming from. Therefore, the company will arrange it with you after the booking request.

Passport and Visa

Travelers to Iran are obligated to have a passport with at least six months of validation. Please consider not to use an almost full or nearly expired passport to travel to Iran.

Food considerations for Vegetarians or with medical cares

In the case that you have any food considerations in manner of personal choice or medical cares, please let us know about it. We will put our most efforts to provide the best services for your situation. There are plenty of vegetarian restaurants and food centers in Iran but they are not available in the entire country. But your guide will make sure that you have the best possible alternatives.

Where can I join the tour?

In the case that you are planning to join the on the mid-way we will arrange time and place for you.

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