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Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan lies at the height of 18 meters above the sea level with the climate of hot and humid in the southwest of Iran. Ahvaz has the population of 1,244,000. From north, Ahvaz is surrounded by a fertile plain. From east and west, it is surrounded by sand dunes and from south and southeast this city is surrounded by the plain of Maron where supplies gas and oil. Ahvaz is a serious industrial center in Iran where National Iranian South Oil Company and National Iranian Drilling Company work. The biggest and longest river in Iran and Middle East does exist in Ahvaz and divide this city into east and west parts. The bridge over Karun has been the most significant attraction for visitors as the symbol of Ahvaz.
The province of Khuzestan has Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, the Ziggurat of Choqa Zanbil -13th century BC- as the major UNESCO sites in Iran which makes this province as the main historical attractions.

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