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Shiraz is the biggest and most significant city in Fars province as the capital. Shiraz lies at the height of 1486 meters above the sea level in the Zagros mountainous area. The population of Shiraz in 2020 is 1,651,000. Shiraz is known as the most significant tourism center in Iran, the 6th populous city, the cultural capital of the country, 2nd literary city in the world, the 3rd religious city and the city of poetry, wine and flower. The tombs of eminent poets of Iranians, Saadi and Hafez are located in Shiraz. Shiraz is in the central zone of south Zagroz which has made this city to be a setting for nomads such as Qashghaei. Farming, mining, industry, significant factories, agriculture and magnificent handicrafts are among the main sources to strengthen the economy of Fars province.
Persepolis and Pasargadae as the most essential UNESCO sites of Iran in Fars province has made Shiraz to be the best tourist destination ever in terms of culture and history.

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