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Hamedan is the capital city of Hamedan province which is located in the west of Iran inclined to the northwest. The city is 1800 meters high above the sea level. Hamedan lies on the mountainside of Alvand with the climate of moderate in summer and very cold in winter. The population of Hamedan is estimated at 577,808 in 2020. The economy of Hamedan is mainly dependent on tourism, industrial zones and the exports of handicrafts. Hamedan as the most important Jewish pilgrimage pole is home to the tomb of Esther and Mordechai as a UNESCO site. This mausoleum is attributed to Biblical Esther, wife of Xerxes I, and her cousin Mordechai and Also Shushan-Dukht, the Jewish wife of the Sassanian king Yazdigird I (399-420). The Ali-Sadr Cave known as the worlds largest water cave in 70 kilometers far from the city of Hamedan in which thousands of explorers visit it yearly.

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