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The sprawling metropolis of Isfahan is located approximately in the central part of Iran at the height of 1575 meters above the sea level and is the capital city of Isfahan province. In the last official census, in 2016, the city of Isfahan had the population of 1.961 million. Isfahan is the industrial pole of Iran in terms of automotive, military, mining, iron foundry, aircraft, refinery, gas accessories and installations, steel, polyacrylic, ceramic & tile making, stone cutting and textile. Isfahan is the center of handicraft in Iran in which many types of handicrafts are made by the folks.
The city of Isfahan is ranked the 3rd biggest city of Iran after the cities of Tehran and Mashhad. The most significant historic view of Isfahan is being the capital of Safavid Empire (1502 Р1736) which has made it to be home to numerous magnificent historical monuments and the major destination of cultural incoming tours to Iran. Different ethnics do live in the metropolitan city of Isfahan including Muslims, Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians. New Jolfa is the name of a quarter in the city located along the south bank of the Zayanderood -the largest river on the central plateau of Iran- where many Armenians live. In the beginning of 17th century over 150000 Armenians fled to Isfahan from their homelands in Jolfa in the north west of Iran -west Azarbayjan- due to the Ottoman Empire’s persecution.

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