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Kashan is one the most important small cities in Iran which is located in the route of classic cultural incoming tours to Iran. Kashan is one the cities of Isfahan province neighborin Tehran with an arid climate and low chance of rain or snow throughout the year and hot summers with cold winters. Kashan has the population of 329,000.
The ziggurat of Sialk in Kashan proves that Kashan was one of the primary centers of civilization in pre-historic ages. After well-known historical cities in Iran such as Isfahan and Shiraz, Kashan is the third destination for foreign tourists due to the mentioned location of this city in the claasic route of tours in the first place and the magnificent garden of Fin, very well reconstructed historical houses and buildings.
Agha Bozorg Mosque, the Bazaar of Kashan, Timcheh Amin-o-dowleh, Historical bathhouse, Sultan Amir Bath, Boroujerdiha and Tabatabaieha housesand etc. are the rest of attractions to see in Kashan.
Golab giri (extracting rose water), cottage industries such as textiles, pottery and tiles are famous in kashan which from the major economy of Kshan.

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