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Tabriz is the capital of east Azarbayjan province and lies at the height of 1350 to 1550 meters above the sea level in different areas. Tabriz is surrounded by mountains to the north, south and east and the swamp of Talkherud -salt river- to the west. Tabriz has a four-season climate which the weather is very cold in the winter and warm and arid in the summer. Tabriz is one of the biggest cities in Iran with a crucial historical back ground. Tabriz enjoys from rich historical buildings and events in which Arg-e Tabriz is of paramount importance to visit. Tabriz has been called “the gate of the orient” due to its position along the Silk Road in history. Moreover, it is one of the main industrial, economic and cultural centers in Iran which is known as the “Cradle of Investment” due to its potentials to attract large investors.

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