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Tehran is the capital of Iran. Tehran is located on the south hillside of the Alborz mountain range with the altitude of 900 to 1800 meters above the sea level. The city of Tehran has the population of 9,135,000. Tehran has a cold and arid climate in the north and less cold and warm in the sought in general. Many factors hase made Tehran a pleasant place to visit: the moderate climate, the picturesque mountains to the north, the spacious parks and glorious gardens and the symmetrical shapes of trees on the both sides of the streets mainly in north with deep and wide runnels looking like small rivers almost all days of the year. Tehran is listed among the biggest metropolitans in the world. Tehran is the central city of Iran in terms of all affairs including governmental, political, economical, cultural, historical, scientific, and industrial and production which has made this city to be the most populace city in Iran.
From the view of tourism, Tehran houses a variety of museums, outstanding modern architecture alongside the typical architecture of the magnificent historical buildings such as the palace complexes of Saadabad, Niavaran and Golestan and etc., recreational sites and interesting events.

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