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Yazd as the capital city of Yazd province is located in the heart of Iran’s plateau with the altitude of 1230 meters above the sea level on the northern margins of Lut desert.. At 2016 census, there were 529,673 million inhabitants in Yazd. The handicrafts of Yazd such as carpet, Terme, Kilim, Zilu, earthenware, tile and ceramics play a key role in the economy of Yazd out of tourism. Yazd is home to many industrial factories of steel alloy, rolled steel manufactures, cable and optical fiber, tile, ceramic, mosaic and textile. Yazd used to be the capital of Itran in the dynasties of Atabakan and Mozaffarid in 14 century. Yazd is among the cities included in the classic itinerary of Iran with the view of cultural and historical. Yazd and Kerman are the main cities in Iran where a big community of Zoroastrians live. The fire temples of these cities feature having a one-thousand-year old fire.

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