Dress & behavior codes in Iran

On the whole, it is highly suggested getting to know the realities about the dress & behavior codes in Iran apart from the political propaganda mounted against Iran. There are some basic points that you as a traveler to Iran need to know them regarding the dress & behavior codes; These are listed as below:
1. Men are not allowed to wear shorts in Public
2. It is mandatory for women to wear scarf and obey the Islamic hijab rules covering their hair, hands and legs. No matter what color it is. (It is common for people during some days or months in Iran as the death anniversaries of sacred religious characters to wear dark clothes)
3. It is illegal to drink alcohol in general
4. It is illegal to carry and use narcotics in general
5. It is illegal to carry and use weapons and ammunition
6. It is against the religious law for women to shake hands with men
7. It is illegal to insult the Iranian officials
8. It is against the law and moral codes to have porn photos and videos

Do not fail to make a trip to Iran to feel a different and amazing atmosphere