Health tourism

In today’s life, because of industrial cities with long time of work, environmental pollutions and the aging of the population demanding to have leisure, recreation and outdoor recreations for every group of population, the necessity of construction a place for health outdoor recreation is obvious. Such a place would provide both entertaining in a happy family atmosphere and enjoying from fresh air, healthy food and nature cures like hydrotherapy, fish spa, herbs, acupuncture etc. for all the people from a kid to elderly guy and healthy to sick. This project was aimed to introduce and make a plan for constructing this site, known as wellness tourism center in Isfahan province, Iran. For reaching this purpose with taking advantage of original and second hand text, library resources, filed observations, specialist opinion on questionnaire, SPSS software and analysis and evaluation of statistical models with 2-square test, the best plan for this site has been suggested.

Medical tourism and Health tourism are often miss understood
So let me explain both in short , in Medical tourism as it gives way by name it is when you travel and use medical facilities in cities other then the one you reside in for the sake of treatment , cost efficiency , better quality or a number of other things can be your reason to take tours such as this.
In health tourism you need not be sick or ill to opt for it you just need to realize your state and if you succeed in it you will find the urge to go back in nature and find a part of yourself your accessors left behind.

In Health tourism we take you back home to recharge your bodies and mind now how do we do that ?

Curative tourism

In curative tourism we take you to the health hotspots that we have spent countless hours finding and studying , there the elements of nature such as hot springs, salt lake, bright sun, medical sludge, medical massage, herbal bath.
Iran is blessed with many such facilities which one or more of such natural healing elements in them

From helping with respiratory problems to clearing out your skin or simply allowing you to decompress and declutter your mind and why not do it with a great view and a herbal bath after.
Each of these elements belong to one class of weather and environment but with the diversity Iran has in both we can provide you all of the above with a shorter ride or flight then you can imagine.

The chief difference between Curative & wellness tourism is in Curative tourism you travel to use the gifts of nature to prevent illness or relives stress and pain on a acceptable limit.
Medical tourism

Medical tourism is when one choses to travel to another country or state to have a medical procedure then it can be anything as serious as a open heart surgery or something as simple as a hair transplant.
The reasons one might chose to go for this sort of tourism is

  1. Cost
  2. Quality
  3. Variety
  4. Technology

All 5 of these are covered in Iran , Due to the unfortunate depravation of the national currency we have found out that it is not abnormal for a surgery to cost over 10 times more in other countries then Iran.

Due to domestic development of medicine Iran is now a Regional super power in this field from the most well trained and educated Doctors to the leading technology in the world combined with the Iranian spirt has become a cocktail for the convince of you.

Wellness tourism

What is wellness tourism?
The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness tourism as travel the goal of pursuing the maintaining or enhancing one’s personal wellbeing. With so much unwellness embedded in today’s travel, wellness tourism brings the promise of combating those negative qualities and turning travel into an opportunity to maintain and improve our holistic health.
Wellness tourism involves traveling deep into the heart of nature in case of Iran it can be the Lut desert situated in Kerman or Filband village in Mazandaran.
There we provide you with instructors and amenities to do things like Yoga , Meditation or simply Creative work , word working , arts and craft , and so much more.
These activities in themselves are known to be among the best activities to help with stress and depression.
But adding the natural element to it it is said by many experts to multiply the good effects.

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