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Mehregan hospital

Since ancient times, Mehrgan or Mithra Festival ((Jashan-e Mehr) has been one of the greatest celebrations of ancient Iran held on Mehr day of Mehr

Atiyeh Hospital

Atieh hospital was established on 15th of  Bahman 1377 with its goal being quick and suitable services in all medical fields.Managers, doctors, nurses and other

Erfan Niyayesh Hospital

The construction of the Erfan Niayesh Hospital began in 2013 in an area of 5,000 square meters and more than 31,000 square meters of infrastructure

Noor Eye Hospital

Noor Subspecialty Ophthalmology Complex (Noor Eye Hospital and its clinic), with more than two decades of continuous activities, is the first private world-class ophthalmology center

This list keeps updating as the company is expanding its services.

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