Atieh hospital was established on 15th of  Bahman 1377 with its goal being quick and suitable services in all medical fields.
Managers, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff who are called as Atieh family have kept continuous improvement in quality, services, responsiveness to patients’ needs and gaining their satisfaction, as the center of their attention and they have constantly been working in this path to date.
Atieh hospital with the final capacity of 350 admitted patients and 15 operation theatres is located in northwest of Tehran in a surface area of 4300 square meters where the building is 24000 square meters in 12 floors.
The positioning of the hospital gives the patients the chance of having easy access to main highways of Tehran while being benefitted from clean healthy air.
Over 200 specialized doctors in different fields of surgery with advanced laboratories and complete imaging facilities are at patients’ service 24 hours a day.
Atiehhospital is a completely private establishment where ministry of health and medical educations has constant supervision on its services and haspresented this hospital with their Grade A evaluation license every year so far. Atieh family by believing in the necessity of benefiting from continuous training in all fields, have tried to improve their knowledge in all aspects of their services by means of training courses in or outside the country.
Atieh hospitals’ active computer center has provided inter connection among all sections bringing the speed and accuracy of the official and treatment procedures ever closer to perfection.
With the presence of prominent health care providers like Dr. Ali Shahram Movassaghi in Cardiac Electrophysiology, Dr. Saeid Ghazvinian Neurology and Dr. Hamidreza Shahbazi Plastic Surgery.

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