Noor Subspecialty Ophthalmology Complex (Noor Eye Hospital and its clinic), with more than two decades of continuous activities, is the first private world-class ophthalmology center in Iran, which offers the most diverse and up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic ophthalmology services. This ophthalmology complex, with its cutting-edge equipment and operating rooms, and also highly experienced ophthalmologists who are specialized in modern ophthalmic diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, while providing all kinds of ophthalmic treatments and the most complicated eye surgeries, annually has a significant presence in international congresses and seminars, and has always been admired by the Iranian and international ophthalmology communities.
Noor Eye Hospital is completely unique in Iran, in using many ophthalmic surgical techniques such as refractive surgical procedures, including LASEK, PRK, femto- LASIK, and femto- SMILE, and also corneal and retinal surgeries, and is internationally recognized as one of the leading ophthalmology hospitals in the world.
In Noor Subspecialty Eye Hospital and its clinic, all the necessary facilities and predictions for a successful and high-quality treatment have already been considered. Our ophthalmologists are well-known both domestically and internationally in terms of scientific and clinical status, our kind and compassionate nurses have been trained beyond the international standards of hospital care, and our executive staff of the hospital’s different departments have taken special training courses to be able to provide the best and highest quality services at a reasonable price to all patients.
Undoubtedly, you will be surprised to see the beautiful, luxurious and relaxing atmosphere of this hospital; at first glance, you may confuse it with a luxury, star-studded hotel, but rest assured; you’re in Noor Eye Hospitals.
With the presence of prominent health care providers like Dr. Hasan Hashemi, MD Fellowship: Cornea and Anterior Segment Corneal transplant surgery, refractive surgery, cataract surgery, keratoconus surgery, pterygium surgery, intraocular lens surgery, cornea and anterior segment surgery; Dr. Houshang Faghihi, MD. Fellowship: Retina Retinal detachment surgery, vitrectomy and laser surgery, refractive surgery, cataract surgery Dr. Mansour Taherzadeh, MD. Specialty: Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery Refractive surgery (using excimer laser correction & intraocular lens implantation), cataract surgery

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