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In order to knowing you with current administrative rules and customs in Iran and accelerate and facilitate the different stages to perform the affairs, the unit entitled “International Patient Department” (IPD) acts in hospital. Based on the rules governing on Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Center, submission of the services to the referring persons was equal and the nationality, race, religion and skin color may not create the difference in care and treatment plan. Therefore each Iranian and Non-Iranian person has the following rights: • Right charter of the Patient-Receive the suitable healthy services in the right of the patient. • The information shall be provide for the patient sufficiently and in suitable manner. • Right of selection and free decision making of the patient in receiving the healthy services shall be observed. • The Healthy Services shall be presented based on respect to private bound of the patient (right of privacy) and observance of trustworthy. Access to efficient system of investigation on the complaints is the right of the patient. Download Price List

Dr.shirvani , Head of the hospital

Price list

General surgery
Bariatric surgery
Urology surgery
Orthopedic surgery
Gynecological surgery
Cosmetic Surgery
Ear, nose and throat surgery
Cardiac and Interventional Surgery
Diagnosis of digestive system
Lung surgery

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