Is a condition in which you’re a when there is a week or thin spot in a artery in which causes it to get inflated and filled with blood causing a bulge in your brain it is most commonly noted in adults aged 30-60 and is more common in women then in men. The resulting balloon can put strain on your nerves and tissues in your brain causing symptoms most commonly mistaken for other diseases, unless severe verbal anusum goes practically unnoticed unless spotted by whilst conducting other tests for other possible medical problems that may be. It is only when their quite small that they don’t even explode. Causing it to non-lethal, however in sever case it can be.

There are two types
Type one: Unruptured aneurysm
Small aneurysm normally doesn’t cause any problems and have minimal symptoms and go largely unnoticed and you will not notice their symptoms either unless they fall in the second category, we have small cereal aneurysms and large cereal aneurysms.
The larger ones are usually the ones that steadily increase their pressure on nerves and tissues which lead to symptoms like
1.Pain above or begin the eyes
3. eye sight problems
4. partial or total face paralysis
and etc.
However this type of Unruptured aneurysm can turn in tow type two as well which we will speak about soon , you must take note that both types of this disease are a abnormality in your brain which as the head of our body is as fragile as important it is to the functioning of our body and hence if noted we advise it to be treated as we are told it is better , however consult your medical professional regarding this as they will be better able to assess the need and risk factor and give you a better recommendation. The Large Unruptured aneurysm has more symptoms in comparison to the smaller one and it is more likely to explode.

Type two: Ruptured aneurysm.
In this type the bulge that is caused due to the thinning or weakness of an artery in your brain has exploded and as dramatic as it sounds, its symptoms are to be equality dramatic, and quoting multiple medical journals and patients, it is one of the worst headaches one can experience as it starts as soon as this event has occurred. You will also have symptoms like
1 double vison
4. stiffness in your neck
6.loss of consciousness (this may happen briefly or may be prolonged)
7cardiac arrest.

Type three: Leaking aneurysm
It is a rare case that the bulge of blood starts to leak before it explodes. However, it is possible the result of this event is a Sentinel headache which is common with this disease however it is very unusual for type three to never turn into type 2.
What can cause brain aneurysm
1. smoking
2. Family history
3. high blood pressure
4. Brain trauma (rare)

What can we do to avoid it?
To avoid this disease is rather an easy job as you only need to avoid activities that can help it, otherwise it is mostly caused by a rupture or a malformation at birth do there is not much you can do about it but what you can do is.
1. Avoid smoking
2. Avoid eating foods high in fat
3. Prevent obesity and control weight
4. Controlled blood pressure can help reduce the risk as well


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