A colonoscopy is a test conducted by inserting a long and flexible tube into the rectum with a small camera on top that allows the examiner to look for possible abnormalities in the rectum and the large intestine.
there are three common reasons for getting a coloscopy:
1. Investigate intestinal signs and symptoms
2. Screen for colon cancer
3. Look for polyps of follow up
What to do before the test:
1. It might be advised by your doctor for you to consume and live off a specific diet before your colonoscopy
2. A laxative might be recoined the day before or the morning of the test to make sure your colon is empty.
3. Inform your medical professional of all medical conditions you have or had so he can give you a better risk assessment
4. Inform your medical personel of all the medications you are on at the moment so he or she can act accordingly to avoid unnecessary risk in a rather simple medical test.
Recovery time for this test is rather short, only a few hours until your sedative wears off and you will need to have a companion who will accompany you and take you home as you will be unable to do so yourself.

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