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Hair Loss.
Hair loss is a common issue among men , male pattern baldness is a unifying nightmare between men of all ages , Sometimes the reason for it to occur is rather simple like genetics , you can identify this by looking at your dad and his brothers , or your mothers brothers , grand fathers and you get the idea right ? however this dose not mean your doomed. Hair loss causes a loss in confidence for most men , long before it even starts this leads to mental health issues that springs into their life and causes random unexpected problems so before we get into hair loss we’d like to gently remind every one going through hair loss that it is not neccasry for you to be worried with what you may look like after it , infact a lot of major fashion outlets have reported bald men have polled well against the hairy segments of man kind. World renounced celebrates like The rock , Vin diesel , Jason satham and many more have embraced this natural event and we’d say have done very well with it considering part of their job includes looking good. its safe to say you haven’t lost your place in the scale. Now back to Hair loss , First you have to determine why it happens ? There are a few tests done to check what might be the cause for hair loss:
1.Blood test
2.Pull test
3.Scalp biopsy
4.Light microscopy
A common question asked by many who either are going through this or fear they might in the future are
1. Can the hair grow back ?
2. Is it treatable ?
3. What can we do ?
A collective answer to all of the above is yes you can treat it or at least slow it down , by treatments we will list and explain below
1. Medication : After concluding tests the result might just show that all you need to do really to save yourself from losing hair is simply medicines some are over the counter others prescriptive which you will get is simply determined by what are the results of your digoniais
2. Hair transplant : the most common and sought after surgery regarding hair loss , When the top part of your hair is lost permanently the best solution is said to be a hair transplant it is sometimes your best choice and easier as well with prices ranging quite affordably.In this surgery to put it down easily Hair will be removed from your body a part that will be called the donor side and the surgauclly put in place in the bald spots and fill them.

How to prepare
To prepare for this surgery you need to have the answers of the following questions ready before
you visit your doctor.
1. When did you first begin to noice your hair loss ?
2. How long have you been expiring it ?
3. What lifestyle habits of yours do you think effect it both negatively and positively
4. Trace your immediate family to see if there is a pattern if so , report it to you doctor ?
5. Has anything you may have tried to help with this particular problem helped you if so how much

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