Hysterscopy is a test conducted when a women is having heavy periods , pelvic pain or reported miscarriage. It’s a out patient medical test which normally requires no hospital stay and is done in less then 30 minutes , it is normal for it to end somewhere around 5 to ten minutes as well however because in some cases local Anastasia is used it may take longer. The test is rather simple a narrow tube is inserted into the body with a camera and small light at its end enabling a digital image that is screened on the monitor for your medical professional to conduct the test. It is generally known as a very pain less test however it varies from person to person so if during the test you feel uncomfortable or under too much pain inform the nurse or the doctor or coordinate with them before so they can better decide or advice weather to use local Anastasia.

Recovery time
It normally takes no time to recover as most women go back to work right after or take the day off , however in some cases where local anesthesia is used it is common for a few days to be taken off work,

Why to opt for this test ?
To investigate problems such as,
1. Heavy periods
2. pelvic pain
3. repeated miscarriage
4. postmenopausal bleeding
5. difficulty getting present
6. test for fibrous
7. test for Polyps

What are the risks ?
1. Damage to the womb , it is rare however possible normally antibiotics will get the job done but in some cases another operation is required to fix the damage as well.
2. Damage to the cervix
3. Excessive bleeding
4. Infection which can be treated with a medication plan from your doctor


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