What is a liver transplant needs no explanation, it’s when one gets a full healthy liver from a donor who is recently discussed or a live donner who opts to donate their liver as liver is one of the few organs which can regenerate itself even from the tiniest bits of it. The reality about our livers is it is always taken for granted unless we hear the word, chronicle liver failure, which means Cirrhosis is a common cause of end-stage liver disease. It is a chronic liver disease. It happens when healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue. This stops the liver from working properly. According to John Hopkins university of medicine these are a few of the other illness that may lead to the need of liver transplant:
1. Acute hepatic necrosis. This is when tissue in the liver dies. Possible reasons include acute infections and reactions to medicine, drugs, or toxins.
2. Biliary atresia. A rare disease of the liver and bile ducts that occurs in newborns.
3. Viral hepatitis. Hepatitis B or C are common causes.
4. Metabolic diseases. Disorders that change the chemical activity in cells affected by the liver.
5. Primary liver cancers. These are cancerous tumors that start in the liver.


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