Two words we hope nobody should have to read in their diagnosis, However, if you have, we can help. First is the diagnosis, if you have family members who have been diagnosed with lung cancer it is said to be a good idea to get checked annually. Generally, adults who have smoked for 15 years or more a likely candidate and most often tested for lung cancer. There are 3 ways to test for lung cancer:
1. Imaging tests
2. Sputum cytology
3. Tissue sample method
now to treatment, you can be treated by surgery which has the following methods:
1. Wedge resection
2 Segmental resections
3. Lobectomy
4. Pneumonectomy
But there are other ways to get treated like:
1. Ration therapy
2. chemotherapy
3. stereotactic body radiotherapy
4. target drug therapy
5. immunotherapy
6. Palpitate care.
Weather for diagonals or treatment we here at Persian lotus can offer you the most affordable prices without sacrificing anything on quality.


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