Nose job technically called Rhinoplasty is a surgery where your nose is reshaped surgically to either cure breathing problems or appliance it is one of the few surgeries which qualifies for cosmetic and medical as well. It is done quite a lot in Iran as you may be familiar with the term the nose job capital of the world, Tehran. The surgery can help with Nose size in relation to facial balance, Nose bridge or in the size of the nostrils, Nose profuse, Nasal tip and nasal asymmetry
It can also help with deviated septum, deviated septum is when the nasal septum that decides the nasal cavity is not where it is meant meaning it can be significantly off center or crocked which makes bathing very hard and some cases it even causes imbalance in the size of their breathing passages.

Steps to get a Nose job

Step 1: Consultation

The first step is going to be a meeting between you and your surgeon, it will be a meeting to help you and your surgeon make a plan and set goals of what your rhinoplasty should archive so you do have to go in prepared, but don’t worry here we will list you items that you may need to be prepared for and items that might be discussed.
1 Your goals with the surgery: basically, go in knowing what you want out of it, so with the input you give your medical professional will be able to give you the best path to get to what you want, so yes it might sound easy but it is very important.
2. List of all allergies: You will need to make up a list of all your allergies in a very exact format because it can be very dangerous if unknowingly your allergies get triggered during your surgery or during your recovery, so it is best to keep your surgeon informed on all counts.
3.List of medical history: Same goes with medical conditions which your medical professional will be able to give you a better risk assessment after which you could make an informed choice as to whether to go forward to stop it all tougher.
4. List of Medications: Any medication that you may be using or have used in the past year, write a list make sure the company that makes them along with name and cause of the use, even the vitamin pills you might be taking or that whey proteins to help out with your body building plans, you never know when one of them mixed with what you are going to be given during and after the surgery might do. so be exact, detailed. It is better to be safe than sorry.
5. Previous surgeries: All the surgeries that you may have gotten in the past specially related to your face make sure your medical professional is informed so he may choose the best technique.
Your Medical professional may also want to
1. Check up on your general health status
2. Examine and measure your face
3. Take photographs
4. Recommend course of treatment
5. Discuss likely outcomes and risk of complications

Step 2: The surgery

1.Anessthisa Medication is given to you to avoid pain; the choices are anesthesia are intra veins sedation or general anesthesia
2. The inception.
3. Reshaping the nose structure
4. Closing the inception

Step 3: Recovery

The timeframe for full recovery is said to be about 6 months, an initial nose band will be given to you to keep on your nose for the first week after surgery which can go unto two weeks as well. You may have swelling around your eyes and areas around you nose and some bruising as well but that can go away in three to 5 days. Your nose will be swollen but only noticeable by you and your surgeon and it is estimated that it will go away slowly in the said 6-month time period.


Rhinoplasty is said to be a low-risk surgery that why it is one of the outpatient surgeries which means you will not have an overnight stay and you will be discharged right after surgery, so it is easy to say it is one of the low-risk surgeries as well.
The risks are these but not limited to
1.Anesthisai risks.
3.poor wound healing
4. scaring
5.change in skin sensation.
6. Difficulty breathing
7.unstaifactory nasal appearance
8. Skin discoloration



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