Photorefractive Keratectomy or PRK is an outpatient eye surgery, outpatient meaning you will most likely not need to stay over in the hospital and will probably be discharged within a few hours of your surgery. The cornea is a part of your eye that is responsible for shaping the way light entered the center of your eye, sometimes due to changes in its shape which in turn leads to blurry of reflective vision, PRK is laser surgery that corrects the shape of your cornea

What happens in the surgery?

You will be given eye drops that will numb your eye, your doctor will ask if you require a mild sedative to calm you down. An eye ring will be placed on your eyes to make sure it does not move during the surgery as precision is key to this surgery as with most laser eye surgeries. it might cause you some discomfort but it is much more important than it sounds.

What is the risk?

• Under or overcorrection
• Corneal haze
• Corneal scarring
• Decreased night vision
• Glare and halos
• Overall decreased vision
• Blindness

Recovery time

Your recovery time is set at 2 weeks on average as you may able to drive after it however to fully heal it takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks.

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