What is Tympanostomy?
It is a surgery where a small tube set inside the patient’s ear drum in small place cut open by laser or a small scalpel. This surgery is mostly common in children but it is possible that adults be recommended to under this surgery. Your ears are divided into three simple segments, internal ear, middle ear and external ear. The middle ear plays the most important part in your hearing process. In some cases, fluids get stuck in this part of your ears and lead to hearing loss, most common in children and sometimes goes unnoticed entirely, so it is a good idea to have children tested by a ENT specialist once in a while to make sure everything is alright. The surgery is fairly and simply and is rather done quickly you can get it done your local hospitals but price and the pace in which it can be done for you In Iran is Quite remarkable and with taking note of. For kids It can cost you anywhere around $1200 USD. But prices may change depending on the patients’ medical situation.

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