People of Kerman and traditions

The people of Kerman Province, who have had a religious background since long ago, upon arrival of the days Tasua and Ashura during the Islamic month of Moharram, mourn the death of the martyrs of the Karbala plains. These old traditional rituals are special, unique and one of a kind. Besides the mourning rituals carried out during the ceremonies, donated food is distributed and Hosseini vows are exchanged.

Chehel Manbaroo

Not long ago, in some of the surrounding cities and different areas of the province of Kerman, in the evening of Tasua Day the people would walk barefoot from mosque to mosque and shrine to shrine lighting candles. This so-called action was called “chehel manbaroo”.


In surrounding villages and other parts of Kerman like Zangi Abad, Chatrood and Joopar, street plays called “Taaziye” are performed for the sole purpose of showing the exact events of the day to on lookers. In a particular part of the Taaziye, a caravan of war prisoners and children can be seen passing amidst all the grief and sorrow and before sunset, the tents are set on fire.

Sham-e Ghariban

After sunset and when night falls, people gather together to hold a part of the ceremony called “Shameh Ghariban”. In Kerman city, during “Shameh Ghariban”, groups of people hold the ceremony by carrying lighted lanterns and candles. Afterwards different groups of mourners called “Hayyat” play instruments that follow epic tunes and symbolize their mourning through acts like chest-beating and etc.

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