Ardabil known not only by its cool summer, heavy winter snow and beautiful natural scenery, but Ardabil is the largest “tourist-therapeutic” center in all of Iran with having Sarein hot springs. After crossing the “Asalem-Khalkhal” postcard road on the way to Ardabil, you would reach Sarein.

Sarein hot springs

the most important reasons of tourism development in sarein are increasing the quality of the hotels and restaurants and the existence of rapid hot springs that are worldwide famous.The hot springs and pristine nature of the “Sabalan Mountains” are the attractions that attract many tourists every year. The existence of these valuable springs are the reason to name it sarein; Sarein literally means source. The healing properties of the minerals of these springs have made Sarein a tourist-medical center of Ardabil. Ardabil has 118 mineral springs. The warmest water is related to “Shabil Ardabil” spring in “Lahroud”, the most acidic water is related to “Qortorsui” spring in the south of “Meshkinshahr” and the highest spring is “Gaumish” spring.

Sabalan Sarein Hydrotherapy Complex

This complex is the largest hydrotherapy center in the whole Middle East and Asia and has 3 indoor pools, several Jacuzzi units, 2 steam sauna units, 4 dry sauna units, private baths, medical services, equipped physiotherapy department, restaurant, buffet and..

Iranian Hydrotherapy Complex

Iranian Hydrotherapy Complex Architecture similar to today’s pools This therapeutic complex includes a mineral spa pool, youth pool, children’s pool, medical wards, Jacuzzi, dry sauna, steam sauna, sports wards and.. The interior architecture of “Iranian Hydrotherapy” is designed similar to modern swimming pools.

Ghahvesooee hydrotherapy complex

Another Sarein hot spring is gahvesooee Hydrotherapy Complex. This complex is located in the north of Sarein and the water of this spring gives the taste of iron metal and its temperature reaches 44 degrees Celsius. For treatment of many diseases, relief of pain in the limbs, relief of joint pain and neurological diseases, ghahvesooee is a good choice.

Aftab hydrotherapy complex

Aftab Water Treatment Complex is located in Sarein Health Valley. The complex has a large shallow pool, children’s pool, dry sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi and massage room. Its atmosphere is simple and sarein people go to it more than other hydrotherapies.

Qarah Su Spa

Qarahsu Spa is a new experience. The outdoor pool and the high water temperature make it special compared to other springs. This spring is also known as the nerve side and is one of the westernmost springs of Sarein.The temperature of Gharasoo spa is 44 degrees Celsius and it has a constant flow on the surface of the earth. This water has a tasteless and colorless. Relaxation of nerves and relief of rheumatic pains are the therapeutic features of this spring.

Sari Su mineral water

Sari Su is located in the center of Sarein city and has a constant flow. Its water has sour taste and pistachio green color. relieves rheumatic, joint and muscle pains are its therapeutic properties.

General hot water

General Spa is located in Sarein valleys, which you should go to Sarein White Hotel to use it. The water of this spring is sour and colorless and its temperature is 43 degrees Celsius. The mineral water of this spring is suitable for treating muscle pains and rheumatism.

pahnloo Spa

“Panhloo Spa” is located in the easternmost part of Sarein and has a sour, blue and greenish color. The water temperature is 43 degrees Celsius and has a constant flow. This water soothes nerve diseases and relieves muscle and joint pain. This spring only serves men.

Gozsui spring

The water of Gozsui spring has astringent taste, odorless and its approximate temperature is 21 degrees Celsius. The flow rate of this spring is very low. Treatment of eye diseases is one of the features of this spa.

Arjestan mineral water

If you want to experience the nature spa in nature, without doubt your choice is “Arjestan Spa”. This spring, like its other similars, is not from the collection of Sarein hot springs, but is located in the village of Arjestan, west of Ardabil. Arjestan Spa is carbonated, cold, odorless, therefore, it is used as a drink. The temperature is 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, and in addition to being used as a beverage, concrete and covered ponds have been built on the spring for bathing.

Goli gavmish Spa

Goli gavmish Spa is the most watery and largest mineral water spring in Iran, whose water is sour and colorless and its temperature is about 46 degrees Celsius. Treatment of gynecological diseases, heart and general diseases, relief of rheumatic pains are some of the properties of this spa.

Bash Bajilar Spa

Another spring of Sarein hot spring is “Bash Bajilar” or “Five Sisters” hot spring. This spring is one of the oldest springs in Sarein, which in the past was also called “Larsavi Valley”. This water is slightly fragrant and sour and has a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. Treatment of joint and general pains and neurological diseases are the therapeutic features of this spa.

shafa bath spa

Shafa Bath Spa is located in Sarein city. The water in this bath is cloudy, colorless and odorless and almost sour. Treatment of skin and skin diseases, neurological diseases and relief of joint pain are some of the properties of this spa.

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