A oasis in the middle of the hottest region in the world, the Bagh-e-Shazdeh is in the heart of the desert in Kerman , The name is roughly translated to the prince garden and it could not be more accurate as it is truly royal in every sense of the way.

The Shazdeh Garden is located near the town of Mahan in the province of Kerman. It is also one the UNESCO world heritage sites in the state of Kerman. It is one of many historical gardens through out area and this particular one belongs to the Qajari era of Iranian history. It is estimated to have been built in the 1900s.

Other examples of fine Persian landscape architecture is Eram garden or the Dowlatabald Garden, but more on them later and back to Bagh-e-shazdeh.One of the astonishing facts regarding bagh-e-shazdeh is its geographical location, it was built quite literally in the middle of no where and was built so well , perfection to its best example the garden was enough of a landmark to create a hub around itself, Dry plains, desert, the scorching sun of Kerman and then you have a garden with the most exotic greenery , fine fountains and humbling walking areas.

Photo by Sajjad Saeid

Truly a fine example of heaven on earth Putting a step inside Shazdeh Garden, one can see the pools streaming along the garden, the trees offering shade to the pathway, and the flowers spreading perfume everywhere. Later, the façade of an old pavilion appears from behind the fountains and the stairs lead the visitors toward the pavilion.

Photo by Sajjad Saeid

The garden is a great example of Persian landscape architecture at its peak. We today take granted how much water pumps effect our day to day living. It was yet to be invited in the Qajari era that this great garden known as a oasis in the middle of the desert. So what did the creators do in order to help the world famous greenery of the Bagh-e Shazdeh, how did they manage to nurture it how did they manage a environment in which green life could even grow let alone to such glory and might.

They used Qanat, a technique developed by the Iranian people to gain access to water where it is not easy to come by was also applied in this marvelous garden. Then the locals and international tourists have come to love, given the natural slope planed by its creators, the Iranian people put gravity to good use as the slope itself played a great role in Irrigating the flowers and plants in the oasis in the middle of the desert.

The water enters the garden from the western part of it and then the stream of water runs through a terrace like pools of garden to help irrigate the trees, pants and flowers that help dignify this fabulous gardens existence. This innovative and genius system helped the prince get the variety of trees, flowers and plants that it is known for and boasted about.

Photo by Saman Rafsanjani

Nothing was left to cause inconvenience for anyone who’d be lucky enough to step foot in this oasis in the middle of nowhere. So specific types of trees such as Pine and cypress tress were planted or Wild elm and even certain fruits bearing tress such as peach or plum as well to help break the wind up. As even if you are to just take a look up to adore the nature around you, the wind shall not change the page you are on.

High walls surround the royal garden to protect all within and the harsh winds of the hot summer days of Kerman. Today long after its rise up to its current glory the Shazdeh garden now entertains locals almost regularly and domestic and international tourist regularly. If you are to make the choice to visit this haven on earth, you may have made the best decision of your life! So don’t waste any time and on Behalf of the Persian lotus team id like to invite you to visit this grand garden.

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