Iran has a long list of ski slopes in four seasons, which attracts many tourists annually across borders. In the meantime, we have compiled a list of the best ski slopes for you along with their exact addresses.

Dizin ski resort

Dizin is not only known as one of the best tracks in Iran but also in the Middle East! In addition to this feature, Disney Ski Resort is the first ski resort in the Middle East to be approved by the World Ski Federation for official competitions
Factors such as: slope and length of the route, luxury and comfort facilities, etc., have been the main reasons for choosing this track to host several famous races; For this reason, this piste is known as one of the best ski slopes in Iran. In the warmer seasons of the year, especially summer, Dizin hosts grass skiing competitions. Do not forget that Dizin is the largest ski slope in Iran and therefore has many facilities for all tastes. Dizinland track access route: To go to Dizin, via Babaei Highway to Lashkark and finally Fasham.

Shemshak ski slope

Shemshak is one of the best skiing areas in Iran and after Dizin, it is considered as one of the most popular slopes in the eyes of the federation, which not only has a daily slope but also a night track. If you dont like crowded track, the night track is your favorite host from 18:00 to 22:00.
Access route to Shemshak track: Go from Babaei Highway to Lashkark until you cross Meghun on your way and the signboards will take you to Shemshak ski slope.

Tochal ski slope

Tochal is a track located in the northern areas of Tehran, just above the heights of Velenjak. The only way to reach this ski slope is to use the resort cable car.
Station 7 cable car with two sailboats and a ski lift, from mid-November to late June, hosts snow skiing lovers. Of course, do not forget that snow and rainfall is the main factor that determines the exact time of skiing, so before moving, be sure to check the site and social networks of this complex. The resort is one of those ski slopes that has advanced facilities. Features of this dream track include a hotel, two restaurants, a well-equipped ski school and the longest cable car and sled line in the country. If you want to stay in Tochal, you can stay in Tochal Hotel in Tehran.

Tip: If you want to introduce your kids to this exciting sport from the beginning, do not forget that the weather in the highlands can be very dangerous for children under 10 years old, so be sure to consult with the professional instructors of the resort ski school before planning for skiing. This makes Tochal known as one of the most popular ski slopes in Iran. Resort ski slope route: To reach the resort ski slope, you have to go north of Chamran highway to reach Yemen street, the end of Velenjak street will reach the entrance of the resort complex.

Abali ski slope

For athletes, Abali Khaneh is one of the oldest ski slopes in Iran.When it snows and just when the snow is white and covers all the heights of Abali, this piste is visited and gives life for skiing! Abali is one of the most important ski slopes in Iran with facilities such as 1 cable car, 5 plate ski lifts, 1 ski lift and 3 hammer ski lifts, and despite being more than 60 years old, it is one of the most equipped ski slopes. If you have recently become interested in skiing, Abali can be the best ski slope. Abali ski slope route: There are two ways to reach this attractive track. Firoozkooh road and Haraz road are two roads that take you to Abali ski slope.

Darbandsar ski slope

Darbandsar is one of the largest ski slopes in Iran, which has various sections for every taste and skill. On average, the track covers 25 percent for beginners, 50 percent for advanced skiers, and 25 percent for professionals who practice the sport on a regular basis. Darbandsar ski slope has facilities such as: 3 ski lifts, a plate ski lift, a 12-person cabin ski lift and two hammer ski lifts. In addition to these, the night ski slope is also one of the important facilities in Banser and makes this slope special from the rest of its counterparts.

Poladkof ski slope

Poladkof is one of the most popular tracks in center of Iran, which is located near the city of Sepidan and near Shiraz. This track has facilities such as: four-star hotel, restaurant, cable car, zip line, 8 snowmobiles and two ski lifts with a length of 1600 meters; Also, after the Disney ski slope, Poladkov is known as the largest ski slope in Iran, which in recent years has been selected as the second international ski slope in the country. Access route to Poladkof track: Go from Shiraz to Sepidan, 15 km from Ardakan, you will reach the Poladkof ski slope according to the signboards.

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