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Tour of seven wonders of Iran in seven days is an economic and hand-picked experience of Iran. It’s designed for those who want to see and experience the best wonders of Iran in a well managed time limit. In this tour you will see a mix of historical, cultural an natural wonders of Iran with a skilled guide. You will see the ruins of Persepolis and learn the great history of Achamenids, you cantake a  walk in Naqsh-e Jahan square in Isfahan and be amazed by all the turquoise colors and memorable atmosphere. You can let your soul to feel the peace of Lut desert with it’s endless horizons and many more.  In order to speed up the tour, two domestic flights are included.

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The journey to the Persia for the people from Hungry starts from Budapest. This is a connecting flight. You will fly from Budapest to Istanbul, Turkey at 8p.m. After landing in Istanbul, you have almost 6 hours to explore around and then you will fly again toward the heart of Iran, Tehran.

Your fight from Istanbul will land in Tehran at 6 a.m. You will be welcomed by your English speaking guide in Imam Khomeini airport at arrival and then you will be transferred to a nearby hotel to rest after long hours of flying. The next flight will be to Kerman on south east of Iran. You will be transferred to Mehr Abad airport and you will be informed about Iran by your guide on the way. Your flight to Kerman will be at noon and it takes almost an hour to get to Kerman. You will be welcomed in Kerman at arrival and after putting down the luggage at hotel we will heat to the old Ganjalikhan complex and old Bazaar of Kerman to wonder and explore. Your guide will let you know about the history of the place and the city. Then we will have welcoming dinner and rest in the hotel.

In this day we will explore the wonders of Kerman. This province is host to many historical and natural wonders. It holds the most of UNESCO world heritages in compare to other provinces of Iran. The tour starts by driving to Rayen a town 120 km away from Kerman and visiting Arg-e Rayen (Rayen adobe citadel) which is a monument of Sassanid era since 1800 years ago. It’s the second big adobe structure in the world. The next visit will be in Mahan to see the magnificent Baghe-e Shahzdeh (Prince’s garden) The first UNESCO site of the tour and one of the nine registered Persian gardens. The next visit will be the shrine of Shah nematollah Vali, the most famous Sufi in the history of Iran. The beautiful architecture of the shrine and the history of Sufism have a lot to present. After having lunch we will head to vast Martian Lut desert to gaze to it’s endless horizons and let our spirits to be touched by the peace of the desert. Lut desert is the second UNESCO site of the tour and the first natural world heritage site in Iran. You can enjoy beautiful Kalouts and memorable sunset of Lut desert. Then we will head back to Kerman with rest and get ready for the next day.

On day 3 we will fly from Kerman to Shiraz early in the morning to save time and enjoy beautiful Shiraz the most. So make sure you rest enough to wake up early. After landing to Shiraz, we will head to the hotel to let the luggage down and have a breakfast. Then we will start our city tour in Shiraz. We will visit Nasir al-molk mosque aka The pink mosque which is one of the most beautiful ones in Iran and also the beautiful house of Qavam, known as Narenjestan qavam. We will also visit tomb of Hafiz the great Persian poet of 14th century. He is a well known poet of all times and not only for the Persian but for many poets and philosophers all around the world. And in the afternoon we will enjoy the beautiful Eram garden. Then we will rest to get ready for the next day when we will see the ruins of Persepolis the capital of great Achaemenids.

This day might be the most important day of the tour for those who are interested in history. We are going to take a deep look at ancient Persia which was very influential on the region and to the world. The tour starts in morning by driving to Marvdasht a town 70km away from Shiraz to visit Persepolis one of Achaemenids capitals in 2500 years ago. The place is a complex of palaces keeping stories and secrets of ancient Persia. Your guide will tell you all about it. After visiting Persepolis and having lunch, you will head to Naqsh-e Rostam (Necropolis) to see the tombs and stone carvings of Achaemenids and Sassanid. In the case of interest, you can also have an optional visit of Naqsh-e Rajab, another area of the same type. You will head back to Shiraz then to have dinner and rest for another wonderous day.

On the 5th day of the tour, we will take a road trip to Isfahan a city on the center of Iran and host to many beauties and a long history! On the way we will visit Pasargadae and the tomb of Cyrus the great. On arrival to Isfahan, we will check-in the hotel and rest a little to prepare for a walking in the nights of Isfahan. We will see Khajou or Siosepol historical bridge and learn the history of them. You can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the place with people often singing around the bridge. The next day will be the day of gazing into Isfahani cyan beauty!

The 6th day of the tour we will pay a visit to Chehel Sotoon place to see one of the Safavid’s monuments and then we will head to Naqsh-e Jahan, the famous historical square of Isfahan. We will explore the square and some the attractions in there. You will see the incomparable beauties of Imam Mosque and the magnificent dome of Sheikh Lotfollah mosque. Then we will see the extraordinary Safavid palace, The A Qapou. After having lunch, you still have a few hours to wonder around and take photos. We will have another road trip ahead. In the afternoon we will head to Kashan, a city almost 2 hours away from Isfahan to have dinner in a beautiful traditional house and rest a little. Then we will have another road trip for almost two hours to get to Tehran. We will rest in Tehran.

The 7th day is the day of exploring the capital of Iran, Tehran. We start by visiting Golestan palace, a historical complex with a mix of beautiful architecture and a long history of Persian Kings. After having lunch, we will pay a visit to National Museum, jewelry museum or contemporary arts museum by choice. And by the time of night, we will have a gathering in Persian style for the last night in Iran. Early morning tomorrow will be the time to fly back with tons of memories and photos and lot of stories to tell to friends.

Fly back to Budapest.

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