Travel procedure for medical purposes in Iran

Stage 1

1.Patient contact with Persian Lotus tour & travel Co.
2. Gathering the patient’s Data and information by the medical tourism coordinator of Persian Lotus tour & travel Co.
3. Contacting the Doctor & Surgeon
4. Analyzing the patient’s case and considering all needs of the patient to travel to Iran for treatment such as medical documents, passport(s), Photo(s) and etc.

Stage 2

1. Doctor’s confirmation
2. Presentation of all treatment process inclusions such as Treatment costs, treatment duration, Success and risk rate, number of follow-ups after treatment, recovery required period
If needed taking laboratory tests before and during the visit for treatment
5. Arranging the Itinerary -Travel pan- by the medical tourism coordinator of Persian Lotus tour & travel Co.
3. Company’s contact with the patient if necessary
4. Finalizing the travel package and getting the health visa for the patient in case of need by the medical tourism coordinator of Persian Lotus tour & travel Co.

Stage 3

1. Starting the trip to Iran
2. Providing the latest travel recommendations and all the things which are needed to be done during flight and travel to Iran (flight delays, flight stress, flight duration, oxygen level and pressure during flight, temperature and weather changes and etc.)
3. Receiving and welcoming the patient by the medical guide of Persian Lotus tour & travel Co.
4. Arranging the whole process of treatment including the accommodation, travel explanation, financial services such as currency conversion and support, taking preoperative measures, visiting the doctor, performing lab. tests, consulting with a surgeon and finally performing surgery and the medical practice
5. Taking Post-treatment and recovery measures
6. Undergoing doctor’s post-treatment counseling
7. Taking back the patient to the place of residence to get ready for returning
8. At patient’s request or if needed taking the optional tour around Iran
9. Going back to your country with taking the medical advice
10. Following up the ongoing contact with your physicians for making a full recovery