Well, there are a lot of reasons as to why so let’s take a look!

The people

Being Iranian has a lot of strings attached to it and one of those things happens to be hospitality.
We tend to get a lot of bad press but somehow the good word about how hospitable we are has gone out and now we are widely known for it.
So yeah, we might just be the only culture you will travel to just to meet the people and experience their hospitality, don’t be surprised if your invited to stay at some one’s house or for a meal its customary for Iranians to invite travelers to their homes.
And if you’re a guest at a Persian home, you’re in for a treat.


With over 20 UNESCO Heritage sites we do know something about monuments, weather you enjoy marveling at ancient architecture or the fact that they have even lasted this long or you want to take a stroll down Tabiat bridge or perhaps check out Milad Tower

Natural Landscape

Blessed with a diverse nature it sounds like a joke that we can for snowboarding and with a 3 or 4 hour ride we can have our eggs cooked without the need for a stove.
You want to take a hike in the jungle no problem, a off-road ride in the desert got it or how about taking a look of what lives under the water, pack up!!
UNESCO World heritage sites
Twenty-one, yes that’s how many UNESCO world Heritage sites are in Iran and out of those 20 are cultural and one is natural, even though they are in different areas thanks to the modern routes you can have all of them in your travel journal in less than two weeks. However, there are some cities like Shiraz where you can cross of a few without having to travel far.

Romantic Poetry and Persian Gardens

Iran has had the right to brag about its Landscape architecture for over 5000 years, thanks to the Qanat system Iranians found a way to have fountains and pools long before a water pump was invested using this old leading tech, we mixed up it with our natural elements and the love we have for the outdoors
Iranian Gardens are famous for many things one of them being that almost everything is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and usability.

Cultural Diversity

It is common for Iran to be mistaken to be only home to Persians which could not be more wrong as we are a country filled with multiple cultures all with their unique features.
Turkish, Kurdish, Baloch, Lor, Arab and so much more!! now what this offers your guests is a wide range of languages, cuisines, architecture and so much more.
So, the real question is, why not?

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